Yeah, I heard..

I spent two hours yesterday standing in line to fulfill my responsibility to my country. 

Yup, Malaysian General Election 2013. 

There were stories of nothing else in the past month. And to be perfectly honest I am not a huge follower of political schemes (sue me). Yes as a voting citizen it is my responsibility to find information on who and what i'm voting for. But for the life of me, I've seen too many people have bad blood among each other just because of which party they follow.

It doesn't help that every time i turn on the TV or log in to some social media, there's endless slandering of one another. I have friends and family who are in both houses. I hear this from this person, and that from this person, until i'm not even certain if my head is processing truths, half truths or whole lies. Which can explain my trembling yesterday when the SPR officer was kindly giving me my 1 finger manicure.

So now the results are out. Semuanya ketentuan tuhan. There is hikmah in everything. Weather this is the intended party suitable to rule the nation, or weather this is a test that the nation has to endure, wallahua'lam. There is weakness on each side. If anyone does not believe that then there's something seriously wrong. 

What's even more surprising is that some people have voiced their concerns to other nations stating that our country's election is corrupted and dirty. I'm not sure what that's suppose to accomplish. If it's our nation, then it's our responsibility to handle this problem no? Why complicate matters even more? 

I really hope that we can take a step back and reflect. There is much to be improved, no doubt about it.  But our neighbors are still our neighbors and our friends are still the people we know them to be. Lets keep it together huh?

All this animosity is seriously ruining my day.

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