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Syukur alhamdulillah,

I've finally finished drafting my first paper for publication. Even though i'm not even sure its publishable material, I have to say i'm pretty satisfied with the work i've put into it. Writing is no joke though. Especially when you have to back up everything you say with someone else's work. 1 whole day looking for one line to add into a 14 page paper. The joys of life. Now i'm kinda stumped on what to do next. Need to get planning on my next chapter.

On other matters, my sis and I went to the TVXQ Catch Me Tour in Shah Alam on 18/5/13. It was perfection beyond belief. My boys were flawless on stage and it was just a whole mixture of emotions. Needless to say i shed a few tears where it was needed. I'd do it again any day. Didn't get to bring my Rebel shot, so these were the best we could manage.

Moving on, last week or was it two weeks ago.. I dunno i'm bad with dates, i went to Muar to help out with Kak Ann's little sis's engagement. It was pretty enjoyable helping out. I was particularly proud of the sirih junjung that we managed to whip up the night before. And to my horor i was also asked to help with the make up for the bride to be. Honestly, i have the least credentials to do anything of the sort, but at least she didn't look like a clown when the guests finally arrived ^^v.

And finally, I have come down with a serious case of contact dermitits which i was suffering with all through out the concert and the engagement. So my hands and feet are swollen and itching like hell. I can hardly step on my right leg, and my toe is perpetually enveloped in gauze. Tomorrow i'll actually go see a specialist about it. It's probably cuz i'm so stressed out plus the excessive use of Axion. My hands look horrendous ='(. And they weren't all too pretty to begin with anyways.. *wails*

Welpz, that's all for now.

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