Close Encounter

This morning i woke up to the smell of smoke.

Being slightly groggy i walked out to my living room to see the place smoked out. I first thought my eye sight might be getting worse, so i actually rubbed them out a couple of times before the strong smell convinced me that something was definitely burning.

I woke up my housemates and there was a moment of instant panic where we were checking all the switches and electrical appliance. It was then that i noticed a flicker of orange outside the window. So i rushed outside to see the source. Apparently the R.O water dispenser outside was on fire which was right underneath our house.

According to the fire safety class that we had a couple months back, i remembered that electrical fires spread quick as anything and that water is not the suitable material to put it out. So i did the next best thing that came to mind. I called 999.

Honestly i didn't really know the actual number for the fire station. But i was connected to them in the end. Mind you, my first emergency call. It was kind of unnerving. So while the fire blazed on i asked my housemates to get their laptops out of the house just in case. In my haste to change (into more appropriate attire) i accidentally left my phone in the house. Which thinking back to it now, was the stupidest thing that i could have ever done -_-v.

Luckily there was a police patrol that came by and the fire was put out with water. (All my worries for nothing). When i finally got back to my phone there were 4 missed calls. The help apparently were given the wrong directions. The pakcik was nice about it though. I felt a little foolish when the fire truck did arrive. But if anything went wrong they would have made a huge difference. So i still believe calling them was the right choice. Our house still smelled of smoke when i left for work.

Just goes to show how important fire safety can be. If we had had a fire extinguisher on hand or a smoke detector, we might have been able to handle the situation faster. Thankfully this one was put out quickly. Who knows next time what can happen.

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