Quiet get away to "The Dusun"

Few weeks back my sis and I took a short trip to 'The Dusun". A friend of hers who couldn't cancel on the reservation kindly offered us the stay. The Place is located somewhere in the hills of Seremban. The climb up was pretty treacherous. At least for our alza to handle. Taking a smaller less bulky car might have been a better choice.

The Dusun is actually a private owned residential property by Helen and David, who have made it their home since a while back. The place was very serene, with a whole lot of green, that i personally loved. We actually reached there close to maghrib. We were greeted my Hanim, and shown to our room which was the Berembun House. (These were taken the next morning cuz i had conveniently forgotten to charge the camera battery before hand.)

Our simple room for two. I had actually imagined a bigger logistics judging from the photos online. 

 We had to drape down the curtains seeing that just beside is the common pool.

Here's the mini outdoor kitchen. Which was actually pretty fun to cook in. I especially liked the dish rack.

 And here is our mini balcony over looking the dusun.

The room came with a complimentary breakfast from 8-10.30. For the rest of our meals, we cooked simple dishes ourselves. The room, itself had first aid, hair dryer, reading lamp and of all things an Ipod player. To my horror though there was no iron =(. I should have listened to my first instinct, but we made do while we hung up our clothes to try to get them to straighten out. I wasn't a huge fan of the lighting in the room. But then i must say i'm not a huge fan of lightings in most hotel rooms. Dim orange lights really put me off. And in the special case of being in the middle of a jungle, when night comes it gets really annoying when you can't see properly in a room. Watching House on the bed in the half dark also didn't help with my headache problem. I was also a little nervous when i found out that our room had no key. The sliding door opens and closes at will. We were informed that the only theft that has ever occurred here were kids stealing a pan and 2 eggs to cook via camp fire. But when you have computers and cameras and especially when you are two women alone, a lock and key goes a long way to give you some restful sleep. Needless to say, I awoke several times that night. Luckily the only intruders was a rather large grasshopper, a larger month, and an even larger lizard. Not my favorite, but they didn't bother us so we didn't bother them.

There wasn't really much to do on site itself. We walked a bit to the dining area. took a couple pictures here and there. But being a residential property we didn't want to trespass into the privacy of the owners. For the most part we didn't see too much of them around.

 This was the open dining area

 We were served nasi lemak for breakfast in a nice classic tapau dish =)

 This is Tiger, the resident furball. He was so friendly he followed us around on our short walk and always ending up nibbling at my sisters feet.

Not long afterwards we were hit with a heavy rainstorm. Which was cool and kinda creepy at the same time. The droplets were so huge. But the scenery and the air felt very nice.

 We managed to whip ourselves a simple lunch during the rainstorm, with some warm tea.

All in all, a nice relaxing trip in the middle of nowhere. I would have liked to have more activities, but considering the rainy season, a hike or swim in the river wasn't advisable. Having to observe your aurat for the muslim ladies, obviously the poolside next door was a bit off limits. Having a common pool next door was also a bit too close for comfort, though the view was very nice when we did get to open the windows when no one was around. Hopefully i'll be able to do something like this someday. With extra awesome service. Extra consideration for muslims hopefully. A private pool for ladies maybe.. mwuahahahaha. So here's my final rating

Ambiance : ****
Comfort: ***
Food: ***
Service: ***
Activities: **

* lowest    *****highest

Recommendable if you just want to get away from the world, but maybe a bit on the pricey end. ^^


Anonymous said...

Hi, glad you enjoyed your stay in e Dusun. Berembun is actually more suited to couples - its a very very private retreat, also I believe havi a women only pool is not suitable as the resort is for families and couples. Perhaps you should try Awan Mulan?

Kecikjer said...

Thanks for the suggestion anon =).

I guessed as much that the room was meant for couples. Just speaking from the perspective of a single muslim female it would have been nice to be able to swim around without having to observe my aurat, which is actually a normal predicament ^_^v.

Maybe I'll take a look at Awan Mulan for future getaway spots ^^.

markus said...

trimakasih infonya sangat,,
berguna sekali,,

Kecikjer said...

Thanks! Sama2 ^_^
just a personal opinion, mungkin lain orang lain pendapat.