And the end of the year comes so fast..

So i just checked on my last post, which was astoundingly more than 6 months ago.

Sometimes i think the world is just zipping by and i'm just sitting staring dazed out the window. But then to say that I've been idle for the last few month wouldn't be fair either. Life just has a way of tugging you away from certain things that you love to shove you back into reality.

As always, my masters is still in its ever evolving process. Sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel seems to pierce through the darkness, but it's evaded me more than once, so can't be too sure if i see it next time.

Atop that, filial duties will always and forever clash with anything and everything that i have planned out. Having two homes is taxing physically, financially and emotionally. It's amazing that i'm finally feeling my age. Ahahhah.

On the bright side i have finally come clean about my uh 'namja'. Which has been kind of a big burden on my shoulders. It takes a lot to keep something under wraps apparently. Your memory has to be spot on, which i can safely say, mine has failed me many a time -_-. This all seems so trivial though seeing that 2014 has seen so many of my school friends tie the knot, or get engaged, or expecting new additions to the family. ^_~ below are just to name a few not in chronological order because i'm just lazy like that

Ct's wedding

My housemate kak piza getting engaged 

Schoolmate Zuhair tying the knot

Close friend Hana from college tying the knot

Schoolmate Mun getting engaged with a very pregnant Ct in the back hehehehe.

Moving on... the other day we went to the zoo. I know, it's so primary school. BUT, guys.. the zoo is freaking awesome. Like i didn't remember it being so awesome when i went the last time. Aaaaaaaannnnnddd i got to see PANDAS! It is so surreal to see them swagger and eat their veggies i am not kidding. It's like you expect them to go all kungfu panda suddenly. But cute overload, i was practically squealing the whole time. (horrid pictures i know but i forgot the bring the camera).

Of course like every year, I celebrated my birthday at the lab. This time with several other close birthday girls..Having your birhtday close to the end of the years has its cons. I mean in just 3 months I'll have to say that i'm 27 already. Yikes..

Putri and I also attended out first international conference. Which unfortunately has amounted to a few headaches and heartaches, but i guess the both of us will just have to take that with a pinch of salt. My poster looks like dirt in the picture because it wasn't printed according to its original color specs. sobs.

And.. yesterday I went to the Big Bad Wolf sale 2014, on the very last day of their promotions. Luckily the hall was not packed. I was hoping to score me some fantasy, medieval, historic fiction, but I was too lazy to scour every single book at hand. There was however  literature section where i scored these classic babies (pardon the pixelation)

I thought they were pretty awesome to keep. I mean when i have children, i want them to know these classics Ecewah,

Welpz thats about it i guess. No so much to story. My life is currently void of heavy drama, and i am intending to keep it that way. In March i'll be heading off to Sabah for a bit and tentatively vietnam sometime in the future. So heads up for some pics. My rebleshot has been hanging in my room since forever without much playtime. -___-

adios muchachos!

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