Can you repeat that?


recently in light of trying to have a more active lifestyle, Zafu, Mid and i have been trying out swimming at the putrajaya swimming pool, the one by the Pullman hotel. It has an all ladies day every Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5-7pm. I think swimming will probably be one of the few strenuous sports i actually enjoy participating in.

But, it seems i'm prone to getting what people usually call swimmers ear. Yeah, the one where you get water logged in your ear canals and then gets infected and hurts like heezie. The first few times it was just the whole water getting stuck. But on our last trip, for the life of me i could NOT get it out and so this persisted for around three days where i was finally convinced that i had some sort of infection. Before visiting the doctor i purchased ear drops called cerumol which are usually used to remove ear wax ( i was pretty desperate by then). But it clearly states on the label "not to be used when there is inflammation".  

So, being ever so cautious i went to the doctor get my ears checked. I must say i was a little disappointed at how he handled the whole situation. I told him that my ears had been hurting for the past three days and that i wasn't able to hear properly. Of course he checked out my ear canal and told be that it was just ear wax that i had to clean out. I kept telling him that it hurt and that the cerumol medication advised not to use if there is inflammation. He insisted that it was alright. It took a while before he finally relented to give me antibiotics "just in case". Trust me i am no fan of antibiotics. Downright hate them ever since i had to down packets and packets of them when my one of my nodes were swelling back in 3rd year. But he seemed to make light  of what was clearly a painful experience on my part. If you have never had an ear infection then you will not understand. To prove my point i actually abstained from the antibiotics for 2 more days in hopes that the doctor was right and that i just needed to clear out my ear. It proved fruitless, and the pain worsened where i actually had to take painkillers twice a day.

Finally, i took the cursed antibiotics on the 6th day, and are still on them at the moment. Tomorow will be my last day. 5 days of 6 pills a day. Crazy drug abuser i tell you. But my ears are feeling better, and i'm off the painkillers already, though my hearing is still slightly impaired on my left side with this annoying constant ringing.

But it kinda gets you thinking. What life would be like if your sense of hearing left you. On one hand, if you were born with the disability and on the other if it suddenly fades away. They say the last sense to leave you is hearing. Last raya we visited a relative of mine in semerbuk negeri sembilan, and there is this atuk who can hardly hear. And i remember watching him look at other people, probably wondering what they were saying and felt so incredibly sad. Knowing what it feels like to be able to have a normal conversation with someone and then not being able to do that anymore. I guess it's the same for people who were born with the disability as well. How people natural avoid interactions with them. But for those hard of hearing i guess there is still the option of sign language. In the case of old people, they probably don't have the strength or want to even do that anymore.

But it's true i guess. Tuhan akan menduga kita untuk memberi pengajaran. There is much reflection to be done when we are in trouble or not in the best of health or facing a hurdle too huge to ignore. Alhamdulillah syukur untuk nikmat yang sedia ada ^_~.

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