Travelogue: Sabah Day 2

Second Day was our Island Day.

And by that I mean we went island hopping also known as the Tungku Abdul Rahman Water Park. Our most trusted tourist guide suggested that we stop at two islands: Pulau Manukan and Pulau Sapi, the latter being the smaller island of the two. This was because we didn't want to feel rushed, getting in and out of the water to change from one island to the next. Unfortunately because Syamil made all the payments, I'm a little unclear as to the pricing of the trip. You can get a rough idea here.

The application of spf 80 banana boat for the 100th time courtesy of Mrs. Yoge. By the way this sunblock really works. I am dang prone getting downright rentung after exposure to the sun. Especially by the water. But I came back virtually unscathed. So, it's a winner people!

So pretty much, half way to manukan, our boat driver kept reducing the price for parasailing until it reached RM 50 per person. I think originally it was around RM 180/2 people. To be perfectly honest it never even crossed my mind. But then, whats the point of travelling if you're not going to let yourself experience things you never wanted to before ne? So we paired ourselves in two's and had our first taste of flying above water ^^

FYI though, they have the dry and wet option for this activity. We chose, dry, but for a moment then I wondered if I should have just let them drop me in the water. haha. Oh but a word of caution. While you're up happily dangling your feet high in the sky, the people still on the boat go through some serious rocking. I totally advise motion sickness pills. Even while waiting for kak Izan and Mid to fly, I was close to spewing. And that was after I had taken a pill that morning. -__-v

The actual duration of to get to Manukan Island was probably around 10 to 15 minutes. Manukan was pretty large. Enough area for you to swim without bumping into too many people at least. Mrs. Yoge was not feeling that well that day so she chose to lay beneath the trees with the cool wind passing through. They do rent out tikar or spreads for rm 10.

We wasted no time to go off snorkeling. We were a little unlucky though since the weather was causing a whole lot of big waves making the water  slightly murkier than normal. Comparatively, I think my previous trip to Redang Island offered more aquatic scenery, but who knows your luck ne? We had previously packed a briani lunch that morning, cuz you know how famished you get after swimming. ^_~ Pulau Sapi was a much smaller island, and we were given just a short while to swim around. interestingly enough we came across a family of wild boar while we were there though.

After changing and heading back, we stopped by Pasar Philippine to buy some kudap2 to bring home. Of course we bought ourselves the infamous amplang and a variety of other crunchy delectables. Later we stopped by Jamilah Mutiara for some souvenir shopping. There were plenty of pearls to choose from. And the price range is quite large, so i'm sure anyone can find something that fits their taste and their wallet. We didn't snap too many pictures after the island though cuz we were all pretty much exhausted. 

We had our dinner at home. Syamil was nice enough to buy us some take out, while we sat marveling at our previous photos ahaha, We also got a sneak peak of syamil's bachelor pad, which was seriously cute. I wouldn't mind having a studio either if it came with the furniture. Mwuahahah.

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