Its just the first week of break and i've already run out of things to do... Creative huh? The urge to go visit Basil along with ruining his social life at school sounds damn tempting.. but lucky for him, my legs have been cramping for the last 2 days.. Why? Hehehe lets just say thats what you get when you're over ambitious. -__-v

Currently though i'm honestly confused about certain feelings or er.. emotions that have suddenly popped out of nowhere. Well technically speaking i KNOW where they came from but ..not too sure why they're there. Problem is they show no signs of leaving either.. n.... do i necessarily want them to? Nyhuhuhuhuh who knows. In the words of my along... Sumtimes u just have to let go n see what happens ne?

There are times when i feel like such an evil person. Especially to certain people who have been good to me.. who would prolly raise their hands and shout me!! while reading this -___-v huhu.. and.. erm.. i'm sorry. I'm not an easy person to get to know. Especially if u want to really get to know me. So dun think i don't appreciate bearing me n my kejam ways.. ^_^v I'm a nice person deep down.. really.. no really really... no REEAALLY!! T-T

And finally i must find away to keep my fingers away from the cellphone. 10 ringgit it 4 days! Abis duit ku!! But i can't help it. I can be completely oblivious to someone calling me but when my cell rings... heaven forbids anyone stands between me n my samsung -_-v

its a sickness i tell you.. I'm trying to get it fixed. I've tried to turn off the cell. But then I'd turn it back on at nite cuz there are certain messages that i HAVE to read.. and so finally it does no good anyway. Pathethic i know... Owh well... guess the best way is to leave without crdt for sometime.. that is if i can stand that long..

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