A day at the hospital..


spent a day at selayang hospital last teusday. Not because i was sick though... had to teman my mom. She was supposed to tembak her batu karang. And lets just sat when she explained the whole procedure to me i was feeling more than sorry for her. Funny thing was when the whole thing was over, it turned out there was no stone after all and they had been blasting at something else entirely.. though god knows what..

There was also an auntie on the next bed. Its wierd but the moment you saw her its like she was radiating that maternal aura. Turns out she was a councelor for drug addicts. And i was thinking who better for the job.. huhu. Kinda reminds me of sister fatima. And everyone knows, she's one in a million. ^_^

I'm heading back to kmpk this saturday. Sooo not ready to give up my bed. Plus imma miss my four newborn kittens Abe, Angah, Alang n Acik. Kyute as hell. Seriously >_< Wish i could bring em with me!

This is angah.. with my TY kitten on top. Courtesy of abg amar.. nyuhhuhu
wokeh kene g sembahyang.. Sambung lagi later.. ^_^

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