This morning i was forced to the tennis court by my dad -_-v

Aside from the fact that i was wearing black from head to toe (really smart on my part) and wearing only sandals seeing that my proper sports shoes had conveniently been misplaced, i had to run across the court to smack at that evil little green ball.

Its actually really frustrating when you think about it. The ratio of the racket to the ball, only a blind person could miss. And yet there i was, swapping at the air. A pretty scene that must have been i'm sure -_-v

But after about an hour or so i finally began to hit the ball hehe. Everytime it made contact though i felt the vibration travel up till my shoulder. Now this wouldn't really have bothered me under normal circumstances. But in the wake of my rather undignified fall after the fogging at K6 my right arm hasn't really fully recovered. My thumb especially. I used to be double jointed on both thumbs. Now my right one doesn't really move much.

I think i overworked the poor thing during finals. That's why its refusing to go back to normal. But seriously... i really didn't have a choice did I.

To write notes or not to write notes.

MUST write notes.

I'll probably feel the pain tomorrow ^_^v

But i did gain a little from the trip. New shoes ^_^ hhehe. Though i'm not particularly excited about sports shoes,..

they're still shoes. huhu

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