Madness o_0v

I think i have a disease.
Or an unhealthy obsession if you want to put it in better light.

It seems that this detrimental condition is a relapse my previous attachment to the hangul scene a few years back. I still remember us visiting morning glory in seattle bugging the ahjumma at the counter about whatever korean cd we were into then. Shinhwa, Fly to the Sky, God, Baby Vox, SES. i was a crazy little fangirl then.

Apprently i still am now. -_-v

Though most of the groups are no longer around. I always find myself latching on to new things. SS501. DBSK, or Big Bang for instance. And now that i can get my hands on subbed korean variety shows i'm getting even more obsessed >_< top that up with the new korean dramas that my brother brough back with the external and you have a full blown mania.

Even as im writting this i'll probably be exceeding my internet bandwith with all the shows i'm streaming on youtube. hhuhu Currently watching Delightful girl chun yang from the external. As always already cried myself out and it isn't even over yet. -_-v i'm just over emosional that way. huhuh And in between I'll watch We Got Married just so i can see my favorite Hyun Joongie Ssangchu couple. I could just die laughing. ;p

I'm even listening to korean music. But that's not really anything new. They've always had better music anyways. ^_^v Really love DBSK's mirotic. Though the translations are somewhat not for the young listeners.. 0_0 But hey.. were not kids right ^_~ I'm also waiting for full subs for the anycall haptic mission with hyun joong on youtube. Kim bum and the other guy from BOF is it it too. Plus son dambi who is really pretty if i might say so myself. ( and her new Crazy mv is kyute too ^_~) Though the poor guy is so overworked he's fainting left and right. ( ok overexagerating a bit ) poor guy looks like a zombie. but still a very good looking zombie. Mwuahahaha

Plus my other favorite Jae joong his best friend just cuz i can Xp

On a different note, sister fatimah will be coming down from thailand to visit my mom. I haven't seen her forever. So from seattle, to thailand and now she's finally coming to K.L. The woman sure travels a lot for her age. huhu. But i'll only be able to meet her for 2 days. by monday its off to Perlembagaan Semula Kelab Al-Biruni.

Sounds fun huh? I'm estatic -_-v. But resposibility is responsibility. Plus i originally thought i was going alone. Apparently Zafu is coming too. Right when i come back on the 4th its off to Pulau Redang with my family on the 5th. FINALLY a VACATION.

Just counting down the days.. ^_~

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Sofie Shah said...

Yah, Dongsaeng!

That's MY bandwidth you're exceeding, you little imp! >_<

Unni has no more money to entertain your lavish, pretty-boy crushes on youtube, nae.. (-_-)v

Though, HJ and JJ really are hard to resist! XD