Nail in my brain

I'm currently suffering from a really bad headache. The ones that creep up on you from behind and makes half your face numb and your eyes water.

Like a nail in my brain.

For the span af the last two weeks i've been thinking a lot about Al-Biruni. Given i had to attend the bengkel for 4 days. But interestingly enough it wasn't as bad as i though it would be. I mean how exciting can the words Bengkel Penjenamaan Semula get right? But it was....fun? huhu i guess it's the company. But they did wring our brains dry to think up the new perlembagaan for the club. I was so tired i couldn't even sleep. Funny how little things can mean so much to some people. Like how a phrase is constructed. Take for example 'cemerlang selamanya' and 'selamanya cemerlang' i mean i'm no language expert but i think the diffeence between the two can be considered as minimal -_-v but there were arguing on that exact subject. And also about the color of our club logo. I learned more about the meaning of colors in that session than i ever thought i would..

Then there were the follow up meetings on the 9th and today. Which had a turn up of 12 and 5 people respectively. Not to say that i blame them. It is the holidays anyways. Lets just say holding the post for another year may prove to be a bit more taxing then i had imagined.

But on the other hand i finally got the vacation i was waiting for. Redang was really nice. Even though the accomodations of the Lagoon were less than satisfactory but the water totally made up for it. I went snorkling for the first time. It was awesome! ^_^ I was afraid of the fish at first, but then their nibbling became kind of cute. My brother went nuts with buying the bread biscuits. We were mostly in the water than anywhere else.

And then there was the candat sotong. man was that an experience i do not want to relieve -_-v The trip there was nice. Being in a speed boat under the full moon with the wind blowing at your face isn't half bad. The trebulations began the moment we achored. My mom was the first to wave a white flag. Then one by one we went down. Until the only heads left erect were my brother and me. Even then i was nearly on the verge of heaving. The most expensive squid i'd ever seen lemme tell you that. RM 40 per person adding up to 480 per boat. And all we got for it were 2 squids. I didn't even get to eat it either. >_< Hampeh tul.. but the moral of the story is.. appreaciate the practice, because sea sick or not, fishermen depend on their catch to feed their families. If it were up to us 12 on that boat. The kids would be starving.. Mwuahahahaha!

On a more depressing note, my cat died 2 days ago. We found him beneath our car and he was foaming in the mouth. Actually i've lost many of my cats to this type of death. It pisses me off that people can scatter poison as they please without considering that other people have pets. The day after my cat died the guard told my father that they actually did put poison in the gutter for pest control. They should have told us earlier. Poisoning takes so long to kill and it reallly makes the animal suffer. Now the rest of my cats are being temporarily caged so that the poison could be washed away by the rain.

I kinda need to stop now. Need to catch the commuter bus to get home. huhu


Anonymous said...

sorry tak dpt join 12 june tuh, kete sume digunakan. dpt tak no bintulu dr en syawal. killer open!!! dlm zaman it nih sume org leh bace kan. tak kesah -_-V copy muke kamuh... gagaga!!!

i know u know me

~Fura~ said...

ahaks.. kamu nih..
i malu lah nak tanye trus..
tp slowly nnt sye akan usahakan..