Beggining of the end..

Monday will mark the beggining of my last semester.

I can't even begin to describe how wierd that feels. This semester will be the closing chapter of my undergraduate life. That is insya'Allah if i don't extend any semesters (which i seriously don't intend to. ><)

My FYP is going ok i guess, but i'm still not sure to where the time planning is. I'll just have to be extra hard working for the next 4 months. I think i've walked the most in the last two weeks. Going from one lab to the other. Walking to the faculty since the bus schedule is out of whack. But it isn't so bad. Walking alone is kinda relaxing. Especially when you have so many things to think about.

I just finished a pretty good novel called the Interpretation of murder. Finally got my mom to buy me one from the bookstore. Read the bulk of it in one night. I have that unhealthy habit. It leaves my eyes all puffy the next morning. My supervisor even asked if i was unwell. huhuh..But you know a good book when you can't seem to put it down. Again one of my favorite genres : Historical Fiction. I wonder if that makes me sound really old or really boring ^_^v But now i no longer have a book to read.. haish.. i should read slower. At least i can savour the moment longer.


Sofie Shah said...

Yes, final semester! :)

Final years are always bittersweet. You want it to end, you don't want it to end.. kinda gets you confused a bit.

Anyway, this is probably the only time to pledge your undying friendship (if you have one..) without looking like a total emo.. XD

God knows I did that with my friends.. turned to be my best kept promise too! ;p

Hey, bring the book home if you're done with it. It's my turn..

Safura said...


I'm so not good at those emotional stuff ^^v

Haiit.. hey jumaat cuti kan? come get me!!! >< The book is good. I want another book from him. huhu. apparently he's a lecturer at harvard. cool right? ^_^