For Your Pleasure.. LOL!

Well today marks the official beginning of my Final Year Project. After 2 weeks of anxiety attacks i'm finally cooped up in the lab. Not much of a better alternative if you ask me. But at least i know i'm well on my way now. Still a bit apprehensive when i see everyone else focused on their work while i'm still asking around for glassware.. huhu i guess its slow and steady then.. ^^ Anywho my supervisor seems bogged down with so much stuff. Hopefully i can handle things on my own.

On a good note i finally got to check my grades today. Alhamdulillah my CGPA is still favorable. I was kinda grinning like an idiot in my supervisors office lol. I though i was really in for a steep fall last sem. This sem would be even more grueling with 21 credits at stake. Haish, i'm totally going on vacation after this chongmal!

Recent turn of events have gotten me to think a bit more seriously about what i want to do to further my studies. Up till about recently i can honestly say i had no motivation or idea of what to do for my masters. Past couple of months have been kind of a low point for my morale. Not too sure why either. I kinda felt like giving up all together. But then inspiration can come from so many sources. Maybe i've just started to see in now. But i shouldn't stress overly about the future when theres still a lot to do at the 'here n now'.

wokeh.. Hwaitting! ><

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