Don't Wanna Wake Up

I literally had the best dream ever last night.

This is of course concerning my one and only jaeness, and a bit of cameo from su. Lol this totally sounds like 13 year old fan girling. But seriously thought, so vivid 0_o

I don't usually remember my dreams so well once i wake up, but this dream stayed with me for awhile even when i was sitting up in bed.

I think it was the combination of watching 3voices dvd jaejoong cut and listening to boyce avenue's cover of last kiss that programmed my brain to dream what it did.

Soo not complaining though XDDDD

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Sofie Shah said...

Aih, wish I had some kind of vivid dream about Yunbear... (-_____-)

Instead, I dream about PCR-gone-wrong and colloquium presentations.. (o_O)