If it ain't broken don't fix it for goodness sake -_-v

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I am currently very much peeved with the new Facebook layout.

Suddenly all these pop ups of things that i don't necessarily NEED to see. It just makes you want to unfriend people with all their updates coming at you in live feed from the side panel.

And this whole subscribing thing. I'll go to a blog if i want to subscribe to someone! It's an online community people. Too many functions just make you go crazy in the end. I literally had to turn it off because i was feeling the creeping telltale signs of a huge headache coming up.

Did anyone complain about the old layout? Don't think so. Sibuk nak gatal pegi tukar page tu kan. fuuuuh tertekan betul ><

If ONLY there was a "dislike" button. Or "Annoying" button i can click repeatedly somewhere. -_-v

ok done venting.

Back to work.

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