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You know that feeling when you stumble across a new song that makes your head bob or your eyes close right from the first hearing?

Then how about stumbling across an amazing amateur artist on youtube  with less than 1000 followers but still has amazing music in his repertoire?

Meet John Jaemin Sanchez Shin (a.k.a Mighty Sanchez):

Oooook so to be perfectly honest I sought him out because i thought he was cute in the Verbal Jint's You Look Good video -_-v. But then i found his youtube channel and was like....

Daaang.. 0_0

Thus sparked my obsession of stalking his page and yes.. well.. we can safely say i am now a new fan of this spanish + korean adorable, talented namja ^_^v Hopefully debuting October of this year with his 3 man group Phantom, i'm definitely looking forward to more of his his work.


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