Day 4: 10 Things i Want to Say to 1 Person

This is for my Unni ♥

Thanks for always being there for me

Thanks for putting up with my selfish ways XD

You seriously need to teach me how to cook soon

When are we moving out?

Though patting your back every meal time is exhausting I must say I have nicer arms now LOL!

Lets go on a trip with just the 4 of us someday

We need to hurry up and open a bakery ^0^

You gets eated by GRU! XDDDD

I believe it is time for your new wardrobe

I Love u ^_~

1 comment:

Sofie Shah said...

10 feedbacks that person will give you :)

1. Well, you were my present for being a patient big sister to twin monsters, so.. XD

2. Now, if only there were guys who fit us the way we fit each other! ^^

3. Why don't we start with the simple stuff first.. yogurt dip?

4. As soon as Emul or your makcik friend comes up with an answer.. (-__-)

5. See, everything comes with a silver lining! XD

6. Hm, in Malaysia definitely, right?

7. I am so signing us up to that pastry academy!

8. Bad spellurz uv teh wurld.. untie!!1! XDD

9. Yae.. my jeans have got to go! >:(

10. Unnie do, nuhreul nomu sarang hae! xoxo