Day 5 : 10 Things I Wish For

So back to my 10 thing challenge which i have totally failed but still going through with anyway.. ^^v

I wish...

to be a able to understand and speak a bit of Korean before i grow too old to care

i could own my own little family run bakery

when i grow old i'd have enough money to travel with my life partner

I could run a cat sanctuary with acres for cats to roam freely V(^^)V

i could learn to play the guitar properly

to become a good wife and mother

people would consider me as a grown up despite my looks

to become a good cook Mwuahahah

that people will have good thoughts when they think of me

to mean the world to somebody. =)


Sofie Shah said...

Ah well, that last wish has already come true hunny.. ^^

~Kecikjer~ said...

gaaaawwww ♥