Just as expected

It's has only been 3 days since my pembantu rumah left on holiday to Surabaya for a little over a month.

Just as expected the first person to go awol on everyone was my mom -_-v

Even after the whole house was cleaned,

after breakfast lunch & dinner was served,

after the laundry was settled,

after the garbage was taken out,

after 9 cats were taken care after,

all of which were handled in her absence..

She still managed to feel like the whole house was falling apart. Needless to say my stress levels are definitely rising.



Sofie Shah said...

ahaha! Cute lolcatz!!

She called me this afternoon and worried about dinner.. Haih, I have to start cooking early now.. (-__-)

Did you know what pops said this morning? "elok la kamu berhenti kerja kejap.. kakak kamu takde ni elok kamu ada kat rumah.."


Help me woman! I am a sure target now.. *sob*

~Kecikjer~ said...


I knew it would happen. I think it would all still be bearable if she just stop fussing in the middle of the night >_<

Dun worry, we're in it together neways TT_________________TT

biha said...

Check this out!