ermm.. kahwin?

Syukur Alhamdulillah,

it's been 3 days since I have official become a research assistant at Makmal Penyelidikan UPM Bernas. Definitely a far cry from the double lion atmosphere I've been putting up with for the past 8 months. No unnecessary stress or put downs. How stark the difference is between education, and the lack there of. -_-v

Even though i'm still trying to grasp what the scope for my masters will be, just being around people who are busy discussing processing, analytical processes and thesis related problems is already getting me in the mood. I feel so motivated to the point that i get slightly jealous of those who have something to complain about ^^v. But it's strangely gratifying to know that i'll be like them soon. Slowly but surely trying to get my life together.

And with the new job of course comes my new home. Well to be fair if home is where the heart is than this would be considered my temporary pad. According to Zafu i have 'officially moved out' which seemed ridiculous to me at the time. It still seems a bit funny when i think about it. I mean i still plan to go home almost every week anyways XD But i guess this would be the first time that i lived outside of home or dormitory while fending for myself.

It's strange. All my housemates are regular cooks with means of transport, while I rely on processed food and my own two legs to get me anywhere. Not that i'm proud to state this so plainly -_-. It does make me want to try to cook more. I think i'd get the hang of it after a few tries. It'll be my new resolution for 2012. heheh

To take things further 2 of my housemates are already close to marriage. One being my roomate 25 and the other a student younger than myself. So talks of hantaran, mertua and all the likes becomes a normalcy. But when it comes to things more private I end up just sitting there laughing along with their suggestive jokes without really giving much input into the matter all the while thinking aaaah so this is how it is... Not that i feel uncomfortable with the whole thing. It just feels really strange to me.

Funny how those kinds of things barely register in my brain. Maybe I'm a late bloomer. That's probably it. I wonder if when i do seriously consider marriage if I would talk about it so freely with other people? Haha, whatever it is, I think it'll still be quite sometime before that happens ^^

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