Is it me?

Ever met someone that you felt uncomfortable with without any concrete reason as to why?

They say don't judge a book by it's cover. They also say the first impression is the most important. Honestly I don't tend to judge at face value. But usually one conversation is enough to form my opinion on someone. This doesn't mean however that I don't know how to remain civil.

But then this uncomfortable feeling still remains. Sometimes it's so strong that I can almost feel my body cringe. That feeling where the tension in the air can almost be cut with a knife. These kinds of people I prefer to avoid and to be fair I've only encountered a handful in my 23 years. There are also some people I find disturbing and yet still be able to communicate and converse in a normal manner. So what is it about the former group that makes me so uncomfortable?

I've tried to group them together to see if it's actually me that has an aversion to a set of traits that this group has in common. But they're quite different in personality and manner. Probably neither party is at fault. I guess some people are just like oil and water and some must agree to disagree. I keep wondering if he or she feels that same awkward air that i do whenever we meet. Sometimes I even wonder if the human body gives off some sort of chemical when stressed which can be detected by people in the surrounding area. However off topic that may be.

But being in close quarters with this counterpart really does to put my stress levels up. Maybe i'm just over thinking things. It's best i focus on more important matters at hand..

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Sofie Shah said...

who's the counterpart? male/female? friend/work colleague?

Oil and water do not mix, but not mixing does not mean they can't acknowledge each other's existence. I think acknowledgement, even from one's enemies, is essential.

Kinda like how the japanese expect honor even in the lowest of men.. :)