How to Review?

For the life of me I've been trying to focus on my journal reading recently.

This entry is clear proof that that's not going so well. -_-v

Up to the 23-30th paper everything seems to be a repetition of everything else. The screening process takes forever to begin with, and now to find those perfect little gems to cite after. Yes, I know, everyone goes through the same thing. I get it.

*sigh* I've even done an outline for the review paper I've been asked to do. It's just writing it is a whole different process. All the sentences sound wrong and I suddenly have limited vocabulary to express what it is I'm trying to say. And then when i finally think I've got it, i reread the next day and delete the whole thing.

This is going to be one very joyful process.

Deep breath and patience..


Sofie Shah said...

While you're doing review, i'm scrambling after my thesis drafts to be submitted come monday..

Trust me, the first and last part of research is the worst.. Welcome! ^^

Kecikjer said...


guess i'll have to suck it up and deal with it T-T