Sometimes it catches you off guard

He’s running over. Hands waving frantically in the air, the goofy lopsided grin that makes his eyes squint plastered across his face. The moment he reaches her, he lunges, embracing her and before she knows it her feet are off the ground as they spin.

She holds on. Feeling his whole body reverberate as his laughter fills her ears mixed in with her own. His warmth and scent filling her senses as they have countless times before.

It seems like forever before she is once again earthbound, her smaller hands in his larger ones as his head tilts back again for another round of laughter. She watches him, a smile tugging at the corners of her lips.

He puts her hands to his chest. She can feel his racing heartbeat. Then he bends down so that his cobalt eyes are level with hers and she could see in their depth and wishes that he couldn’t see into hers. And for a moment she feels that her own amethyst orbs would betray her that she almost turns away.

But then he smiles and she is paralyzed.

“She said yes!” He whispers almost frantic. And if anybody at that moment could tell her that words could never hurt, she would not have believed such a lie.

Grinning she bumps her forehead to his.
“I told you so..” 

What boredom can coax out of me. 


Opie said...

I resent the violet-eyed being a girl.. :p

Remember the first fanfic we wrote? the one that prologues our shinhwa boys in the bushes?

I just found it.. XD

Kecikjer said...

omg that was one of my favorites XD