Taking a break with KurKur

Today we received surprising guest at out doorstep.

We came across him on out way back from sensory evaluation. There was Mr. Kurkur hiding at the edge of the walkway. How he got there is still a mystery to us. I'm pretty sure this is a tortoise, since his feet are more claw like .(Actually i'm taking the liberty of calling him a 'he' since i'm not to sure how you really differentiate between the males and females ^^v)

KurKur was pretty shy at first, but then he got to moving and he was actually pretty fast. Those stubby legs were actually more mobile than i had initially imagined. We were trying to stop him from diving into the longkang. God forbid then one of us would have to go in there and fish him out.

We finally made the decision to bring him to a nearby pond (which i didn't even know excisted). Thus was our environmentally friendly effort of relocating wildlife. XD

Kurkur wasted no time before diving straight into the water. And contrary to popular belief, he did not turn back around to say good bye. But nonetheless, we were happy to see him go =)


Opie said...

Uh, hunn I'm pretty sure it's a turtle.. they can spend most of their time on land and retreat to water to cool off.

A tortoise cannot swim hunny, so the fact that Mr. KurKur dived into the water as soon as you released it says a lot about what he isn't.. :p

Opie said...

By the way, these are decent pics.. dslr?

Kecikjer said...

But he had claws >_< no flippers. Of course they're decent. 12 megapixel samsung. need to get me one of those.