Cuti akhir sem..

perfect.... for at least 2 days.. then its back to being bored out of my mind -_-v
so being 4 siblings with nothing better to do, we have chosen to do business. What type of business say u?


Dadih je pun... We haven't got the capital or the time for anything bigger ^_^v But we checked out the figures. Pulangan wasn't that bad really. Though we'd have to equally split it 4 ways.. which would sound fair.. accept only me and along would be the ones shopping and making and sending, while my brothers collect the profits at their marhalah. Joy.. Untunglah amek third sem kan....

Not complaining tho.. some money is way better than none. Seeing that my half ptptn doesn't even cover my yuran.... And by a stroke of genius i 'misplaced' my meal plan with 300 over in it. Somebody is totally getting fed with that.. -_-v

Just installed YM on my computer. Maklumlah.. tgh excited br dpt internet kat umah.. Bagaikan pura dapat web. Nyuhuuhuhu. Maybe i'm just easily amused as easily as i'm demused. huhu can't catch my interest for long.. Padehal tu dulu asyik nak cek ms je..

sedeh tul..

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