It's time..

Apparently i've decided to blog here from now on..

I know it would seem like the obvious choice anyway right since this is blogger.com -__-v But before this i was having trouble with really slow internet connection. I mean serious siput sedut. So coming into blogger was a pain in itself. But then my brother kept bugging the guy at streamyx. Practically calling him everyday ^_~ and now its a bit better. Mind you, still not as fast as i want it. But I digress.

Sooooooooo. Half of sem break has already passed. My mom and dad are in Mekah now mengerjakan Haji. Last my dad called, my mom was about to do haj for my arwah makngah as well. Hopefully they are well there..Opah is staying with us now. Though sometimes i feel seriously sorry for her cuz she seems bored out of her mind. But we're sending her home soon for Raya Haji. Then it'll just be us siblings. ^_~

I've finally finished editing the book i was supposed to be working on. We'll at least i hope so. Unless the owner still wants more done. Which in the back of my mind i think he does ^_^v But for now i have to wait for his comment on our progress so far. A bit nervous bout that. But.. we'll see what happens. Haven't done the index yet, but truthfully speaking... I haven't the slightest clue how to go about doing an index. -__-v haaaaa.. yes challenges of life.. huhu And adding to that i'm still thinking of what to do for next year's program about meeting the juniors. Hm.. hopefully i can brainstorm something..

Owh i've recently been introduced to Devil May Cry 4. hahah i know what you're thinking, jakunyer tak pernak main game. Tp seriously, sangat best main game tu!( this coming from a girl whose been playing turtle odessy on her pc ^_^) Even my thumbs are sore now playing with the controller. Though i wouldn't want to make a habit of it..huhu. Either way, i'm still considered normal, unlike my brothers who live and breathe games. SOme guys...

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