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I finally have control over the computer this morning. Thank god both my brothers are sleeping. Klu tak.. dah kompem tengah maen warcraf sampai petang. -__-v So i thought i'd blog a little today.

First up something went extremely wrong with my blog when i tried to change the layout. Then being too frustrated to think about it i reverted to classic black for now till i can find the time to revamp. huhu. Though it erks me that its just soooo plain T-T

Last week we went to see The Day The Earth Stood Still. It was alright i guess. I mean the fact that keanu was in is a plus But i kinda was hoping for a bit more from the plot. Maybe they didn't have enough time to cram the whole novel into a 2 hour slot. huhuh. And i'd have to say the book was written too long ago to actually fit in with present day scenario. Either way though, i enjoyed it.

This thursday i have to go to UPM to discuss about the book edting with zafu and hafiz. A bit nervous about that. I mean you never know what can happen. Especially when you've never edited before. I just hope we don't look too clueless when we get there. >_< src="http://x.myspace.com/images/blog/smileys/excited.gif"> Especially this one couple hwang bo and hyun joong. Its just hillarious! They've actually been 'married' for 8 months. But now they're about to call it off cuz both are really buzy with their careers. and its really sad for those who don't know i can cry watching almost ANYTHING. Thats why i don't prefer watching sad movies outside... huhu


But when they're gone theres still hwanee and yobi. they're kyute too But kinda er... disfunctional. hahha. But disfuctional quirky couples are cute too ^_~ Oh and hyun joong is currently shooting for the korean version of Hana Yori Dango and he's gonna play the character Hanazawa Rui in the Japanese HYD. I'm really looking foreward to it cuz his personallity really fits the character. Most anticipated korean drama of 2009 nyhuhuhuh

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