Early Arrival


Today was really tiring. I'm actually back at upm early this sem break. Well,.. not back back. Just back in the faculty for some work. Seriously though now i know how along feels when she has to work till evening. huhuhu *exhausted* I hit the bed the moment i got home. Actually to be more accurate i slept through the ride home too

The meeting with prof about the book went suprisingly well, aside from the fact i had anticipated 2 hours. It took 4 -_-v But prof brought us out to lunch for mee bandung so i guess that took time too Didn't even know why i was so nervous for.

So me zafu and hafiz have been working at the faculty since thursday, figuring out what to do with the book. We finished the table of contents, picture and captions and reference so far. But then through some turn of bad luck it got deleted dugaan... So imma do it this week before christmas comes hopefully. We still couldn't figure out how to index the book. Hafiz even downloaded a program but it was way too complicated. We figured we'd play around with it first. That pretty much took up the second portion of the day. And we're still pretty clueless on how to run the thing. Joyness But one step at a time. I think we'll get it soon... we better.. huhu

Results came out yesterday. Had my heart in my throat when i was typing in my matric number to see the grade slip. I seriously had mixed feelings when it finally came out. First syukur alhamdulillah nothing below a B. Then a bit disspointed that my pointer had dropped slightly. I mean not that i hadnt't expected it. But actually seeing it in black and white really kinda pulls you down. huhuh And finally a little puzzled that my bakti siswa had been left out of my grades. Nandate... even if it was just a 1 credit hour class.. -_-v But neway.. fighting! next sem must be better!

I'm looking foreward to christmas this year Y u ask? cuz my hyun joong is having a concert on 8tv at 10 a.m. hahah memorized it. And cuz i'll be leaving for tasik pergau with along n sum of her friends. Much awaited holiday trip. And it just happens to fall on the last few days of cuti. Was still able to cram one in there

Huu it's 2 am already.. can't sleep.. Die dah sleep dah cuz keje esok..Sian kene tinggal sorang2 . Nyte!

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