It's fortunate..

I'm currently going crazy over a song called 'Its fortunate' by lee juk. Its a korean song that i saw on WGM. The lyrics are just really touching ( translated obviously). But i'm bout to pull my hair out cuz i can't seem to download it from limewire. Everything seems to have malicious malware attached to it these days. What is the world coming to -_-v

But neways saw the last episode of ssangchu couple yesterday. You can bet it was niagra falls infront of the computer. hahah. I seriously can't handle emotional situations ;p It was really sad though i bet most people did at least have watery eyes. If not..... they're heartless people. huhu. Its kinda wierd actually the program. I mean like the ssangchu couple were together for 8 months. and then they do all these things together and stuff. And take pictures and have all these memories right? But in the end when the show tells them to they have to end the segment. So how do you throw away 8 months of married life and then marry someone else? Alright given it IS a reality show, but still.. Wierd.. and kinda sad too. huhu

My eyes feel really messed up right now. Maybe i've been staring at the screen too much. I finally finished re-editing the book yesterday. Yay! With refference pics and everything. So right now i'm just gonna try to play around with the indexing program. If i have time before we leave for pergau. I really need to start packing though.

~Its fortunate~

For meeting u
& being able to touch your hair
For meeting u
& being able to breathe looking at each other
For getting to hug you
& being able to let the tears flow when its tough

I'm so fortunate
For the beautiful world that knows u
placing u here

**In the violent wind & under a wet roof
not getting tossed out there on my own
Wearisome daily life & toilsome survival
that by chance is not something meaningless

Always remaining by my side
its because of an amazing person

For meeting you
& being able to make the meals that we share
For meeting you
& being able to hold you hand wen it goes numb
For getting to hug you & being able to give you comfort
even though it doesn't help

aw... so sweet. Mwuahahahahah

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Good point, though sometimes it's hard to arrive to definite conclusions