Late Night Crisis..


Semalam balik rumah dekat kul 2 pagi.. Mate dah jd panda dah pg nie.. 0_0v. huhu. Neway semalam ade masalah dunie dgn kedue2 abg gue. *Not gona say what though* Two different reasons tp needing the same council. Me & along brtolak dr rumah dekat kul 8. We went out to eat and discussed till 2. Lots to say apparently.

But in light of what happened. I realized a couple things. Satu.. twins really have a different relationship with each other then normal people. I mean, the way they know eachother is just mindblowing sometimes. And how one can get through to the other. Lagi satu bl dah jadi twin mesti ade satu yg mengalah, in whatever reason, which sometimes can be really hard. I've always know my brothers were close. But i really saw it last night. Which relieved me cuz i knew they were gonna be alright.

Dua, sometimes things happen to make us realize something entirely different. Like self reflection. Sebenarnye siape kite and ape yg kite nak buat. Sometimes its important to question yourself.

Tiga, people can actually be really unreasonable when in a certain state of mind. I used to think why couln't everyone keep a level head when making decisions. Is it that hard? But then i realized being human, how could you not. It happens even to the best of us. We migh realize it later, but i guess emotions really due cloud our judgement. Severely -_-v I used to get really frustrated when somebody couldn't see the bigger picture. But i realized that sometimes to take the bigger picture into perspective, there's a lot that you have to put aside or let go, which takes time for most of us.

Empat, never keep things inside, and then wait for things to boil over. I actually realized i'm this kind of person. I don't like to talk about my problems to others. Even if it is someone close. To me its my problem and i shouldn't burden others with it. Or maybe i just don't trust people to that extent so easily. And i think my siblings are more or less the same. Whatever the problem it has always been the 4 of us. All our messups, failures and scheming ways (huhuhu) we all knew about it. So it didn't take a second thought when my brothers called for help.

Lima, parent intuition is really scary 0_o. No seriously, the moment the problem arrised we got a phone call from my dad in Mekah talking roughly on the same subject. And a mother's intuition or character evaluation is almost all the time right. Orang lebih makan garam right.. I guess there's ample reason to listen to what they have to say. ^_^v

huhu welpz i gots ta go pack now. Pergau 2morow!!!

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