Back to reality..

I'm slgihtly in a daze thinking that i'm back in UPM and now there's just so much work to be done and we're only in begining the second week. I mean compared to pergau.. this seem like a whole other world.

The last week of sem break was probably one of the best i've had in a long time. Though the 14 hour train ride wasn't the most exciting...or hygeinic for that matter -_-V. With my long history of back pains, sitting for more than half a day was NOT fun. Especially with a really restless 7 year old sitting next to you. I mean i love kids. I just don't particularly adore them when they start kicking in their sleep. >_<

But once i got to kelantan it got much better. The ride to Tasik pergau took about 2 hours. I slept most of the way so i don't really remember that part of the trip =P But once we reached there it was really beautiful. I don't know what it is with me and water, but the place really had a feel to it. We stayed at a chalet on the water next to a small island. The view of the hills was really something. Especially when we woke up early next morning in the fog.

Then we went swimming at the waterfall about 5 minute boat ride from our chalet. The water was ice cold. As much as i loved swimming i couldn't even stand to be in there too long. I bet my lips were blue too.. We ended up eating more than swimming. Figures ^_~ We even barbequed that night with a makeshift grill even though it was raining. My face was raw from fanning the fire to close. But the chicken was really good ^_^ especiallt with the macaronni and potato salad. I seriously stuffed my face.. hahha

But then it was time to come back and we didn't even have time to stop anywhere except for the top of the hill which was supposed to be the highest point in the country. I came back to upm the day we reached home by train. It was like a sudden shift. Suddenly i'm worried about classes and money and all sorts of stuff and i felt even more exhausted at the thought of it.

maybe next sem break.
I'll find another gataway..

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