the past few weeks seemed to have gone by just like that.. 0_O

My grandfather Ahmad bin Arshad passed away last friday night 9.49 pm. I don't know why but the time seems to be stuck in my head. Alhamdulillah all his children and anak cucu were there to help with the mandy jenazah and the burrial. I was just sorry i couldn't stay to accompany my grandma for the time being. We haven't really discussed living arrangements now that she will be staying alone with a helper. Hopefully something will be figured out soon.

We finally got a job at Nisya's unlces travelers bistro Kokopelli. At first the work was pretty slow. But once the catering began, things picked up pace pretty quickly. I managed to break a plate ^_~ hahah. But seriously speaking though, those porceline dishes are dang heavy >_< The best part is our food is free. lagi lagi lah bile kat bistro. Rugi kalau x makan.. We work mostly on weekends taking shifts between the 12 of us with a few other catering jobs on the side. Hopefully we can cope with it. This monday we're going to umah kak fiza (chef) to learn how to make doughnuts. I'm thinking... maybe we all should have just taken food studies instead....huhu juz kidding ^_~

MMG is just around the corner.. Bought a jubah, but i seriously don't know how i'm gonna wear the tudung. It was ok when my sis was doing all the wrapping and pinning. But leave it to me and its a complete mess.. -_-v but I'll figure THAT out a bit later.

First test. for the whole two weeks. I'm suddenly realizing the gaping holes in my notes. So now i'm frantically searching to get them complete. But then i look at them and think.... theres just not enough information for me to actually enjoy reading them. Nearly everything is in point form with little or no explanation at all. Given, we are 2nd year students, but still.. huhuh. I might have to visit the library this year.. joy for that T-T And of course work is going to have to take a backseat for these 2 weeks. I'll probably go for 1 or 2 jobs. But i'm seriously worried about the upcoming tests. Yesterdays test proved that..

must go and study 3304. Test esok..

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