Sleep walking..

Exhaustion doesn't come near to explaining what i've been feeling for the past week. Thank god i just survived my last paper today. Maybe I'll catch up on a couple Zzz's when i get back to my room. But then again...

Still a lot of things that need to be done. Granted that exams are out of the way. Now comes the kolej and faculty work. Not that i mind so much. I mean wierd as it may sound, doing programs are kinda alright. Especially when they turn out ok. Like MMG for instance, how do you not feel proud being a part of something that was sucessful? Nevermind not being able to sleep. huhu

I thought that MMG would be my last program this sem though. So much for that when the evil little white memo was pinned at my door. Malam Jasamu Dikenang. Interestingly enough for the two years that i've been here i had never actually attended. And i had pretty much no clue on what it was about. The even more interesting part was, i was all happy going to the meeting thinking i'd be AJK makanan and suddenly turns out I was protocol.

Now don't get me wrong, it's not that i hate the post. Lets just say i'm not the best one for the part. Especially when MJD is said to be like MMG just a toned down version for kolej students. Joy. Combined with my absolute attrocious writting skills in BM. I was bout ready to cry right then and there. But since it was a friend, guess i'll just have to work it out somehow.

Faculty dinner is right around the corner. Protocol for that too. But Hana is helping me out thank god. Or i'd be pulling out my hair right about now with all the complications and uncertainties that have been surrounding this program. Tp biase lah tu.. i just hope nothing flops on the day of judgement. That would just be the cherry on top. -_-v

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