Wrappers anyone?

I never thought it would ever come to this..

I never thought we had to go this far..

and now.. here we are..

surrounded by plastic wrapers figuring out why those freakin addditives were stuffed into those crackers in the first place. -_-v For the past week i've been relentlestly reading the ingredient labels for all kinds of food. So often that its becoming like some wierd habit i can't get rid of. So is this what its like getting closer to becoming a food technologist? Kinda scary if you ask me... -_-v

Seriously pemandangan kat balai ilmu for the past two days was filled with chocolate wrapers, cardbox boxes, 3 in one beverage wrapers and the likes with people talking about oleoresins, thickeners, humectants what not. It was like the 2nd year foodtech reunion dengan laptop masing masing bersepah atas meja.

To think for a 5% project everyone is going nuts about presenting infront of Dr. K. But to think of it, I really don't see any way of getting around it. Soalan sentap tu tetap akan ada. Soalan yang memang xleh langsung nak jawab tu kan.. the important thing is, we're able to tlearn something afterwards. huhu.. ye kut.. ^_~

Welcome to the wonderful world of flavors...

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Anonymous said...

entah bile kte nak present.
ish Dr K.