Prison walls so soon..

Just what happened to my semester holidays..
I will never know..

But then again, the inevitable is unavoidable -_-v

I't might not have been so bad if i actually had my own room to get into. But apparently some people chose to overlook the fact that people need rooms to sleep in if you expect them to stay for 5 days -_-v At these times u curse the administration for their blatant ignorance of student's well being. Thankfully atie was around ^_^

Aside from this, it's come to my attention that the jr (a national gymnast from what my ears have picked up) who should be bunking with me for the next grueling year hasn't registered. Gone were my hopes to maybe squeeze my way into the room by saying i would be registering into the same bed in a few days anyway. So that means.... no roommate?

The thought is not exactly pleasant.

I'm not big on the whole personal space thing. I LIKE people around.. given certain conditions of course. Having no roommate just plain sux. I might not be the type to talk much, but really. I value the existence of other people around me.

Thank god zafu and i are on the same floor. Hope hana is too. It really makes life that much easier when we keep on having to do things in the wee hours of the morning. Plus no more hiking up to the third floor in my heels huhuhu. Hopefully the celcom broadband will be of help too. If i decide i want to pay 68 monthly. But lets just say oogling over korean gasoos on youtube shouldn't make the decision too hard. ^_~

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