Tujuan.. objektif.. pengenalan..


i hate paperwork with a passion. Seeing the same heading over and over again really puts me in a miserable mood. -_-v

Yesterday i just taped up this sem's calendar on my wall. And suddenly realized aside from the fact that i had vowed to stay out of anything this sem.. things seem to keep landing themselves on the small rectangular dates of my calendar. Nandatte...? Its like 2nd year all over again except this time not focused towards k6.

First program will be Biruni's KPO at Dusun Eco resort. But i'm a bit worried about that since it slightly overlaps with my faculty program on the 26th. Hopefully my vice has it all covered. IF the paperwork passes. >_<

Argh have class..
must go..


Sofie Shah said...

Na, onna!

I thought some 'paperwork' was coming my way..??

Hang in there. It's not called university for nothing..

Four years of living hell, but once you'll pull through all you see are the best parts of it.. ^^

Amirul Syafiq Mahadi said...

ko ade blog sis..
tak kasi taw pun...huhu:(

Safura said...

huhu blog sekadar nak release tensyen ja.. ^_^