2 weeks and then..

As expected,

my first day of freedom and I am already bored out of my mind, resulting to a total revamping of my room and then spending the rest of the day on the net. Which, as of late has failed to captivate my attention. -_-v I was starting to think i should have taken Ms. Abby's offer to work for another 2 weeks for 50 a day. But i though, then i'd just be bored, stressed and tired all at once and the thought was completely banished from my mind.

Sunao narenakute (hope i spelled that right) has finally come to an end. I freaking love that drama by the way, not only because my jae totally rocked it there, but it was also a drama about friendship. Something i think a lot of us are in need of these days. I have also watched the full season of Glee and Mercy. The later being the cause of recent frustration since they decided NOT to air the 2 season. And i was totally rooting for the cute cop and the problematic but sweet married couple!  >_<

*By the way i just HAD to put a cap from the drama cuz jae is just totally adorkable in there with his polo tshirts and dorky laugh. How can you not love the man. LOL!

I'm keeping my eyes and ears open for some new dramas though. Paradise ranch and beautiful love among them. what can i say ^_^v waiting dilligently for subs from an angel of a girl befittingly named angel on u-tube lol. I seriously love you! Oh and of course heaven's postman. Whenever it sees fit to grace us with its presence -_-v

I was making a note of all the things i would have to bring back to college this morning. About halfway through i started to feel tired just from reading the list. And then i fell asleep on the couch pen ad paper in hand huhu. I think 6 months actually made me forget how stressful college was, and why i was almost always at home every other weekend. The fact that i'll be inhabiting ground floor really doesn't make it any better T-T But the 'to buy' list kinda got my spirits up ^^ i mean shopping is shopping right. Even if it's for stationary (which weirdly enough is my guilty pleasure ^^v) or vanity or whatever else is on that list, there is always enough time to slip in a shirt or two. And if i'm lucky, a new pair of jeans. Yay! ^_^

It's a good thing i'll be off to midvalley on wednesday, before i start going insane.

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