Pejam Kelip

Only a week left before my days as a practical trainee is over.

I can't exactly say it was over in a blink of an eye, but it really did go by faster than i would have initially imagined. It kinda just registered that i was really training for half a year. I guess there's a lot i should be thankful for. Along used to tell me that practical training was supposed to open so many doors, and even though i would have killed to have her experiences romping through the forests, i think my 6 months spent at Double Lion was just as valuable. It is somewhat satisfying to be acknowledged as an adult and to have your concerns and suggestions heard and taken seriously. I think it really helps a person recognize their responsibility.

I am excited to go back to studying though. There is a different kind of satisfaction when suddenly things begin to come together and make sense. I'm talking about that sudden realization that you actually get what the lecturer has been drilling into your head for the past half hour. Maybe it's just me, but i do find studying and making notes kind of interesting. And if that doesn't turn me into the biggest geek i don't know what will ^_^v

Final year does scare me though. I mean there's so much going and so quickly that i don't even have time to think about it or have much confidence that i can go through with it for that matter. But i guess people pull through. I mean i never though that i would live through practical training and now here i am. Things aren’t so bad.

But it does suck that i’m getting ground floor this year. I HATE ground floor with a passion. No offence to the people there or whatever. I just have issues with the floor itself. Everything about it just rubs me the wrong way..

I NEED to get proper internet connection this year. Hopefully a wiggy. I need to keep track of things online. Especially a certain wordpress account I have been following religiously. ^_^v Hopefully I’ll be able to bring this Samsung netbook for my final year. Along with my pc of course. It’s not over excessive ok.. it’s perfectly necessary XD

Oooooowkey i need to finish up my report now >_<

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Sofie Shah said...

To the readers of this blog:

Three guesses on who's sponsoring the wiggy!! XD

Practical training is just the beginning, but things will get a lot more interesting in the classroom, now that you know how it really works out there! ^^

This is also the biggest reason why them freshmens need to respect us seniors!!