Short Break

I received my much earned short vacation last Thursday.

Though it was a bit nerve wrecking filling in the taking leave slip in front of the human resource manager. She just sat there staring at that little piece of paper. I think i contemplated writing personal matters under "reason for leave" about 3 times. But finally i just scribbled down holiday. So much for lying ^_^v

The drive to penang wasn't as bad as i would have imagined. I'm not one for long travels. I succumb to motion sickness almost immediately. But i had just reloaded my mp3, so most of the way was spent screaming my lungs out. Which, in a way was a good thing, I'm sure i did a good job keeping along awake =p

We checked into a hotel called Mingood. I kinda liked it there. There were lots of novels lining the shelves at the reception area. They even allowed us to take some up to the room to read. The people were especially nice. And the room wasn't so bad either. I guess i don't really care much for luxury.Gimme a bed, a functioning toilet and AC and I'm pretty much satisfied.

I think this would have been my first trip ever to penang in my 21 years. The place is really nice. Especially the buildings. I'm a sucker for those intricate stone houses with their verandas and pillars. Penang has a different feel to it i guess. Modern and yet still kinda rustic here and there. The roads on the other hand... were a bit hard to handle. Small one way roads really makes travelling a bit stressful.

4 days off really does lift your spirits. Compared to the Sundays that i usually get off. Even staying in a hotel room was enjoyable enough. Despite the fact that the AC was seriously drying me out to the point my skin was cracking. I'm feeling the aftermath even now.

On the trip home me and along got to talking heatedly about a few things. I was actually surprised how strongly i felt discussing them.

The first, was a topic that didn't particularly have anything to do with me. But i could say that i was close to shedding tears talking about it and the great disappointment and worry that came with it. And by great i mean thinking about it constantly day after day, almost bordering obsession.

The second however was a topic that is very close to me.. encompassing even. I had though that it was something i had long become accustomed to. A sort of coping mechanism on my part perhaps. But talking about it really put reality into light. And i realized that it did hurt. And i did care and maybe i was also scared of what could happen.

I guess you're not always as strong as you think you are.


Sofie Shah said...

Ngehehe.. we should take trips more often, ne? I mean, with everything we've had to put up with..

I agree with you on how passionately we discuss certain topics.. it's actually amazing that we care so much..

Not to mention the fact that we care about topic 1 more so than topic 2.. (=_=)

fura said...


some things are far more IMPORTANT. mwuahaha