Hyunbin FTW! ^^

I just finished my Secret Garden Marathon last night!

I must say it's now probably on my top 5 favorite dramas if not at the top XD. Hyunbin is totally aweome in here. That acentric, rich, clueless namjah with the pure heart lol! Mianh, still haven't recovered from post drama crush ^^v. But then again i've always loved hyunbin so i guess that doesn't count. Anyways it totally made me want to get married afterwards XDDD. That's some serious case of side effects i would say.. heheh

The OST is also pretty impressive. My favorite is obviously 'That Man' sung by my one and only. Topping the charts this week by the way ^^ If the man doesn't win any awards for his outstanding skills then there's probably something really wrong with the system. >_<

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