Looking Better

Today i finally fixed out the annoying kink in my schedule. To think i was already considering to drop my dairy elective just so i could register for that god forsaken class. I seriously do not see the point. It would have been more logical for them to make it mandatory for me to take a foreign language. But i digress. In the end i was still able to keep my elective. Dairy totally rawks!

I must admit the smell is still something to get used to. But the little calves are sooooo adorable and they have such big eyes! It really has been awhile since i've been in touch with nature i think ^^v I'm totally bringing my camera next week. UPM's ranch is just really beautiful. All the green and those white fences just makes everything so photogenic. Makes me dream of having one of my own. But then thats some hard labor we're talkin bout.

Anywho after the initial relief of finally getting my schedule together it rained really hard as i waited at the bus stop for nearly an hour. (K6's bus is just hopeless) I would have though i'd be in a faul mood. But then the rain cleared and i looked up at the sky. And it was really just beautiful. For some reason everything just felt like it was alright. No worries about my FYP, no worries about the elusive spectrofluorometer, family, assignments nothing. Because how could you worry when the sky is so bright? When there are so many other good things to think about.

And so i thought, I'm going to try to do better with myself. Not be so bogged down. To let things take their natural turn. Because there's always that bigger plan. I hope this optimism will stay with me longer. Though i'm pretty sure the sress will catch up to me sooner or later. But just for now.

It's really good to be alive ^^


Sofie Shah said...

coincidentally, I am feeling better about myself too.. ^^ Even though technically, everything's in a pinch at the moment.

The pabos have failed to return my car. I told you they're up to something. Whatever.. if they screw up, it's their own damn life. I'm done sympathizing..

Anyway, glad you've worked out the kinks in your schedule! Ganbatte!

Safura said...

nyuhuhu hait ^^

imma try to make through this final sem without any major break downs ^^. hehe