In 3.....2.....1.... H.E.C.T.I.C

My next week is starting to look like a nightmare! In a nutshell:

MONDAY -  Dairy Tech First Test.
                  Classes from 10am -7 pm
                  Report Writing Assignment

TUESDAY - Holiday but....
                  Cramming in Food Controversy Group Assignment A.K.A first test
                  Free Fatty Acids Assignment

                         Lab work
                         Spectrofluorometer paper work

THURSDAY - 2 Presentations both of which are marks for the 1st test
                     Specific Functional Foods Test
                     Discuss Oratory Titles brainstorming

FRIDAY - Off to Monash University till Sunday for MIFT.

This is considering that i don't fall so out of schedule. Too many things to think about, not to mention my write up >_<


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