Pukul 1 Pagi

I should probably be sleeping right now. Tomorrow i have classes from 8 till 4. In other words mencari nafkah.. Shouldn't have drank that whole cup of coffee. Now i'm just ruining my eyes staring at this all too bright screen in an all too dark room. Too many words and phrases floating up in my head

who is "forever"?

6.25 meeting..

changed their minds in just1 hour?

hosu coupe talk..

rotation incident..

There's suddenly too much info to digest..Everything is getting way too complicated. I'd like to think i'm not so naive to believe anything at face value. It's still disturbing though.


Sofie Shah said...


Are all those phrases related to one thing and one thing only?

Haish these people are driving me crazy.. I've stopped checking the net after work hours. It's stressful enough on the job.. (-_-)

Safura said...

They're always related to only one thing -_-v

i read them last night. And now i can't even think straight >_<

Sofie Shah said...

What, really!?

What? what were you reading?? More importantly, where were you reading them? cuz I been scanning our usual hangout and I haven't found anything.. (-_-)

Safura said...

huu well i read them from the JYJ3 blog. Obviously it would be biased i mean i don't agree with a few things. But considering some of the things they wrote you'd have your head reeling too o_0

There's a lot we don't know -_-v