Winds of Change

There has much been going as of late.

Especially in the Shah's Familial Institution. My baby, (referring the feline) was admitted for 5 days at the animal hospital in KL due to a sudden occurence of batu karang. I will not even mention the bill they sent home because it was just..... 0_o. I suspect that one of my other cats that passed away recently also suffered from the same problem. His death being labelled as various misplaced accusations until his older brother (now healing from batu karang) finally brought the possibility to light. My family has undoubtedly become suspicious of all types of cat food be it friskies, whiskas or smartheart, and are feeding the cats fish, rice with the occasional infusion of blended vegetables. The alternative of science diet may sound promising. But when you have 8 mouths with a monstrous appetite to feed, you will soon find that rearing little fur balls is no simple business. -_-v

Next in line at the Shah's Familial Institution would be that of the family itself. We are now taking on the simple baby steps of compromise and trust. Some more than others i must say. But i do feel it is a positive turnabout even though sometimes it leaves me feeling a bit er... i don't know the word to explain it. Ngilu? I guess i'm not one for the touchy feely stuff ^_^v But all seems calm. I should be thankful at least for that ^^

And the line up of marriages and deliveries just keep coming. How merry and bountiful everything seems ^_^ Almost makes me forget about the more stagnant than not FYP on my shoulders. But i will pull through. Even if i end up scratched and bleeding getting there. Hwaiting!!


Sofie Shah said...

Ah, but the familial situation at SFI is currently reverting to days of old (am I surprised? NO..)

Dictatorship has run amok ~ apparently compromise was just a deceptive veil hung to prolong the already uneasy truce. (am I surprised? NO..)

I expect definitive action to be taken in the near future.. be prepared for it! (Again, am I surprised? -_______- )

Safura said...

huhu can't say i did not see that coming ^^v

if definitive action is necessary then i guess we're all more than ready for it.

aish shincha..