Fogged up Mirrors

5 days and counting till my seminar is here.

I don't even have my results all in yet. Apparently some of my samples require another round of zetasizing, and last night i  spotted a fatal flaw in my methodology which could very well leave me speechless if the panel catches on to it. If only i had more time, if only i had more resources.. if only..

But what can be said for an undergraduate research. I feel a bit lousy for not being able to do it properly you know. I mean something i could really be proud of. Not that i'm not thankful for all the new twists and turns that i had to learn. And there were definitely some things that i would want to explore further in the future. It's just there are soo many loop holes and creases that i didn't have time to fill or flatten out. So it all comes out too rushed for my liking. But then again who isn't in a rush to  graduate.

My FYP is like a fogged up mirror. I wipe it once and i can see the figure staring back at me. But only for a few seconds before it gets cloudy again and i have to work up the energy to clear it all up once more. Repeated cycle, until i'm wondering when will someone turn off the hot water already? -_-v

Huhu in a state of total exhaustion. I had a cup of coffee last night in attempt to hack at my thesis until i at least had the methodology done. Unfortunately with every cup of strong caffeine i take, comes the unwelcomed side effect of the "himpit" experience. The suffocating pressure, the palpitation of the heart, and that hair raising feeling at the back of your neck. It's not something i look forward to when my body's a step away from collapsing and my eye bags have practically reached my cheeks at 2.30am. So this continuous till about 4.30 when my body really does collapse only to be rudely awakened by my phone blaring out rihanna for subuh prayers.  The amount of cortisols i'm accumulating.. i can't even. -_-v

But there is still light at the end of the tunnel. At least by the 28th it would all be behind me. Then maybe i can catch up on some much needed me+bed+bear time and a bit of retail therapy if i'm up for it. But for the moment i almost have no energy to even work up a lopsided smile..


y.y.yasmin said...

k.fura, i'm curious, pe tajuk for ur fyp ek? ^_^

Safura said...

huu for the time being it's:

Nanoliposomal tomato lectin (lycopersicon esculentum) as a smart, site specific, bioactive delivery system: Formulation and uptake studies

but it's subject to change, depending on supervisor akak yang sangat genius tu ^^v hehe

Sofie Shah said...

I can tell you this.. for the 80-some percent of us, undergrad research is crap!

I mean, we do our best to make it look, feel, and read like real research, but at the end of it, most of us will go, "that's it.. that's all I can give for this.."

And it makes perfect sense! You're not even a first-degree holder.. what kind of bombastic, world-changing research could you possibly come up with at this juncture??

The bar is set too high, and the ones dyin' are the freakin' graduating lambs.. cheer up hunny, you ain't alone! ^^

Safura said...


i'm half dead as it is.. T-T I really can't bring myself to care so much anymore. I'm not so worried about the thesis. Just the seminar...

Haaaa x larat!