Oh Good Lord!

The work load just never seems to decrease these days.

I am actually quite happy and relieved regardless, since i have finally finished my TEM as well as zatasizing for my baby liposomes. Took me a whole two days, missing a total of 4 classes, but i really didn't have a choice did i. Beggars can't be choosers. I am however, worried that my samples have been over kept and that the results have been somewhat compromised. I wont know until i meet up with my overly genius supervisor to revise the data and countless TEM shots that were taken .

THAT in itself will probably be a plausible feat seeing that he has just remarried and is currently house hunting for his new family. *sigh* patience, patience, good things come to those who wait..

My much anticipated seminar has been confirmed on the 28th with some of the most severe lecturers as my panel. I'm hoping that they wont know much about my topic to be asking me too many critical questions. I mean last i checked there should be only one expert in nanoliposomes in our faculty. And according to him we will be making the slides together. That is IF i can hunt him down in time.

This is actually my midterm's week, but they have unceremoniously been shoved to the back seat in light of the fact that my thesis submission was dated to be on the 25th. Imagine that. Not only do i have to scribble nonsense in less than a week, the final grade for my thesis is based on that same first draft. The only fortunate matter in the whole mess is that the 45% thesis grade is actually based on my supervisor with another 10% based on my progress in his eyes. I am hoping that being his only undergrad student still under his wing that i can use that to my advantage.

I'm off to Port Dickson this week for a much needed time off. But time off still includes finishing assignments as well as studying for my dairy test on monday. The first time kinda had made my eyes go round when he handed back the paper to us. I guess i spoke too soon when i said the test was relatively doable. It seems simple questions calls for complicated answers. It seems...-_-

I need to get some shut eye. Its way late.

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Sofie Shah said...

Ah, the world is full of ups and downs.. for example:

I've been having a pretty good week. My PCR samples came out great and I got some good compliments from a colleague who said what I'd achieve is actually hard to get.

But he had no idea the kinds of things I had to go through to get there.. the hours and countless tweaking to that insane machine and mastermixes. One too many variables to consider and think about..

Teh digree uv sucksehs iz mehshurd bai hao long i'z suffurd ta get tehr

You've suffered alot, so it's bound to be a HUGE success! XD