Eminem & Skylar Grey

Currently my playlist has been playing just one song.

I need a Dr. - Eminem feat Dr. Dre. 

I'm usually not into such.. erm strong language ^^v, but personally i fell in love with this song the moment i heard it. Which incidentally was in a JPA gathering where i had no choice but to stuff earphones into my ears lest i fall asleep.

Not only is Skylar Grey's voice perfect for this tract it also has a haunting effect to it too. Which is why it has officially become my ringtone. (It has an eery  feeling to it when it rings at night though ^^v) And Eminem's rap is just awesome. I mean i thought that his rap for "Love the way you lie" was great, but this one was even more perfect. The song feels a lot deeper and probably meant something important to him.

Looking back to when i used to have a crush on the slim shady in the "i'm slim shady" video. I have a lot more respect for the grown slightly tortured Eminem now. He totally deserved that Grammy ^^ If not for anything else, his performance was amazing!

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