Habis Thesis 2 Pagi

Because i've successfully finished my thesis at 2 in the morning and i currently can't seem to get any shut eye, here's some nonsense coming your way! XD

  • A-Available/Single? ehe..hehehe..MWuahahahaha!
  • B-Best Friend? Hurm my sis..huhu
  • C-Cake or Pie? I seriously do NOT enjoy sweet things.. but pumpkin pie...yum ^^
  • D-Drink Of Choice? Green tea.. and no i'm not a health freak -_-v
  • E-Essential Item You Use Everyday? My little black box (a.k.a nokia flip ^-~)
  • F-Favorite Color? Black.. and then red cause the red ocean is awseome!
  • G-Gummy Bears Or Worms? ok the worms are gross.. seriously.
  • H-Hometown? Somewhere only i know. and... a couple other people. huhu
  • I-Indulgence? Retail therapy <3
  • J-January Or February? Why only 2 choices.. i want october ><
  • K-Kids & Their Names? My babies? bear, tikus, and kakak ^^
  • M-Marriage Date? I'm working on it.. ^^v
  • N-Number Of Siblings? 4.. or is it 3? I always get confused if you count yourself in or out 0_ov
  • O-Oranges Or Apples? Oranges ^^ Though i prefer melons.. huhu
  • P-Phobias/Fears? We shouldn't speak of bad things.. huhu
  • Q-Favorite Quote? Changes from time to time, currently: what doesn't kill you will make you stronger... after letting you fall face first into the asphalt. 
  • R-Reason to Smile? Them crazy kids i call my friends and my babies!
  • S-Season? Definitely spring 
  • T-Tag Three or Four People? Wait a second.. are we on facebook?.. nyuhuhuh
  • U-Unknown Fact About Me? I LOVE dark angsty novels cuz i think they're beautiful.
  • V-Vegetable you don't like? oooh.. tough one. I love my greens.. and them other colors too ^^
  • W-Worst Habit? My attachment to  my bed when i should be somewhere else.
  • X-X-rays You've Had? Oh yeah.. which left my mom with one gold pendant destroyed ^^v
  • Y-Your Favorite Food? Just plain old fried eggs. They are awesome!
  • Z-Zodiac Sign? Libra ^^

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