The brighter side of things..

As for right now there are soo many things that i feel i should be thankful for. I mean, despite the hurdles of final year. There is still that sliver of pleasure you find in the little things. So lets give thanks for all the good things that has or will be happening to me soon ^^

1. Bumi Anbia..
If all goes well my whole family including my Wan will be off to umrah in May. I must say when my mom first proposed the idea to me i was soo bogged down with studies that i didn't even know what to answer. Not to mention that the thought kind of made my hair raise. I mean, it takes a lot of preparation. You don't just up and go to umrah. But the longer i thought about it the calmer my heart became. I guess it is about time. I'm 23 this year. It should be on my list of priorities. And if He feels and that I am ready for such a trip then I will by all means try my best.

2. Write up Submission and  Seminar
The feeling of finishing a write up just can't be explained through words. That sudden rush of relief and exhaustion running through your body simultaneously can be overwhelming. To think of all the times tears of frustration had pricked at my eyeballs. Now it feels like tears of joy. ^^ Though it is only the first draft submission, the final marks will be given. But whatever the verdict i think i've given it my best effort. Same goes for my disaster of a seminar. Ok maybe not disaster. But i wish i was more experienced with statistics so that i didn't have to repeat the same answer 12 thousand times. And the fact that my supervisor had to actually explain the concept of my research to the panel was a bit humiliating on my part T-T. But all is said and done, 10% is not the end of the world.

3. Schorlarship Hunt
I have, for my own good subscribed to a malaysian scholarship site in order to get information for furthering my studies. This was actually initiated when i saw a scholarship bulletin at the faculty for a New Zealand Commonwealth scholarship. Unfortunately it required me to have at least 2 years work experience, which of course i did not have. So finally i went hunting for schorlarships that may be able to satisfy my craving for studying abroad.  Its not much, but its the first step to getting my lazy butt to do something about my post degree education. It still seems a little intimidating. But small steps. Gradually i'll get there i suppose ^^

4. Those big bright eyes..
I had the shock of my life when my mom brought my cat of more then two years to the vet in UPM yesterday. Semut, or more lovingly known as Omot at home is the largest cat i owned up till recently. I seriously love hm to pieces. Even though he's evil and picks on others and loves to fight and sprays everywhere, he's just my favorite bully. So you can imagine the horror i received when my mom brought him to me with half his face missing. I need to make it clear that i am NOT exaggerating people. It was literally half his face. What was even more heart wrenching was that he recognized me and was looking at me through his remaining eye as if asking me what was happening to him.

Distraught as i was, i was also thankful and quite amazed that he was actually still alive. The vet were also very caring people, insisting that they would try to do their best and see if he could pull through. I just received a call a few minutes ago saying that they had cleaned his wounds and his bodily function seems to be all in order. Their only worry is that the tissue might not be able to fully grow back to cover the wound. But the best new was that they told me he was eating well, golojoh in fact, Just like the omot that i knew ^^ they say if a cat can still eat, its a sure sign that he's fighting to get better. So please pray for my Omot, so that he can come home to us again.

5. JYJ from DBSK
On a lighter note, jaejoong's recent twitter update just made my heart all the more calmer in light of their rather depressing separation from one another. To see the two words in the same sentence written by my one and only. It only makes me love him even more. And the tweet by fukutaro saying that his hp background is still a picture of the 5 of them almost reduced me to tears. After two years.. there's still a picture of 5 of them ingrained in my mind too ^^

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